Ford renders Ford Fiesta Classic Titanium

Ford Motors India had added a new trim to the Ford Fiesta Classic sedan range. This is the Titanium trim which would now be placed as the high end version of the sedan. Ford Motors usually offers this trim as the high end model across models in its portfolio, this new trim in the Ford Fiesta Classic sedan range comes with an array of new features. Maximum features equipped in this model are offered in the company’s flagship model Ford Figo hatchback. Interestingly, the Ford Fiesta price for the new high end trim of the Classic variant could be less than the current high end model, Ford Fiesta Classic SXI. This has been able to take shape due to the heavy parts sharing with Ford Figo hatchback. Because of this reason, the new top end version of Ford Fiesta Classic has been priced lower than the current high end version.

Ford Fiesta Classic is offered in two engine options, one is the 1.6 litre Duratec petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 100 Bhp. While other engine is the 1.4 litre Duratorqturbo diesel engine that engenders a high power figure of 68 Bhp along with a peak torque of 160 Nm. The engines are synchronized to a five speed manual transmission. Ford Fiesta sedan made its way into the Indian car market few years back and has been able to garner decent sales though not very impressive every month. The Fiesta Classic sedan is strongly built that comes with a tremendous ride and handling. This feature of the sedan makes it a perfect choice for the sedan enthusiasts despite its conventional suave looks. The company however launched the new and improved Ford Fiesta sedan in the Indian car market.

The new sedan is also selling along with the old Classic model, however the new sedan is way too appealing and has everything that is required to make a car become a best seller. Despite being endowed with the perfect looks and advanced features, the sedan has not been able to rope in as many unit sales as it should have. The low priced Ford Fiesta Classic has been kept as an option for the customers who cannot afford the high priced Ford Fiesta. Looking at the competition and not so impressive sales of the new version of Fiesta, the company slashed Ford Fiesta price to keep up with the competition.

In comparison to the new Ford Fiesta sedan, the old Ford Fiesta Classic still sells in good numbers. The new version is still grappling to make a place for itself in the Indian car market. Ford India’s decision to render a new top end version of Fiesta Classic could be a move towards further increasing the sedan’s sales. The new Ford Fiesta diesel is powered with a 1.5 litre TDCI turbo diesel engine that is offered with many innovative features like the cruise control, voice control and pull drift steering assist.

The company is also planning to launch a facelift version of its flagship hatchback Ford Figo which is currently being developed and tested for its performance. Nothing much has been revealed by the company about the new Ford Figo. Launched in 2010 beginning, Ford Figo was an instant success that brought a ray of hope for Ford in India. On Figo’s back Ford has been able to make its place among the top manufacturers in the Indian car market after a long time and struggle. Figo is all set to get its first mid career facelift, it is an important product for Ford in India as a major chunk of sales come from Ford Figo singlehandedly.

Therefore Ford would be extremely careful in giving a facelift to its star performer. New Ford FIgo project has been codenamed B562, the hatchback is likely to be launched in Brazil first and then it will be launched in India. Expect to see new Figo by 2014 which will be manufactured at the Ford’s new manufacturing facility located in Sanand Gujarat. The new Figo could come powered with the company’s newly developed engine, 1.0 litre three cylinder frugal Ford EcooBoost that has received appreciation from renowned firms across the world. This engine is developed in such a way that it helps in enhancing the fuel economy of the vehicle, therefore expect the new Figo to be more fuel efficient than the current version. Also this is the same engine that will be seen in the company’s new yet to be launched compact SUV, Ford EcoSport. EcoSport will also be launched in India in the coming time though there is still no clarity on the launch of this eagerly awaited SUV.

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